January 19, 2009


After doing some furious late night searching for a Windows graphical diff tool, I stumbled across WinMerge. It is very easy to use and you can employ most of the more complicated features with very little time spent experimenting.

The bread and butter feature of this program is its very clean interface for comparing and merging files. It looks much better than other diffing tools I have used, including those included in IDEs. One particularly effective feature is the Location Pane on the left side of the file comparison screen.

One feature that the program lacks is recursive diffs. So when two folders are being compared, there is no comparison result shown. Each pair of folders have to be opened to be compared.

I really like this program - it's very easy to use and does not try to be anything that it's not. Since I work in a Windows environment, I can get a lot of use out of this program.

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