March 25, 2009

HappierHour 1.0 Released

The M7 Group released version 1.0 of the HappierHour Facebook application at 12:01, Wednesday morning.

If I were you, I would rush to my nearest Facebook applications page and add it to my profile. Come on, all the cool kids are doing it.

The goal of HappierHour is to create a collaborative resource where Facebook users can find the best bar deals and share them with their friends. Users can add new bars, drinks, and specials - all of which are rated by the HappierHour community.

Nate has more release related information at NonGenre.

M7 is planning another release sometime next month - so check back for more HappierHour updates.

Please go out and give it a try - and if you are so inclined, report a bug or request an awesome new feature.

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