April 30, 2009

CNET Television Buying Guide

CNET is a technology news company founded in 1993 and eventually acquired in 2008 by CBS. They provide news, reviews and blogs about various technology products, including computers, digital cameras, car audio equipment and televisions. A particular article of interest is the Television Buying Guide, which was last updated in February of 2009. The guide details display types, screen sizes, and much more information related to making an informed TV purchase.

After a quick read of the guide, I feel that I could make a very well informed decision about purchasing a TV, and would know what to look for when shopping online and in store. A new TV is a big purchase, but it is a very large part of our lives. We already spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of a TV, and it is expected to increase. The bottom line is that we need a TV in our life, but we should think about reducing the time we spend watching.


  1. CNET is legit but I have only one question: what TV does Mr. Ebert recommend?

  2. I think for our space, a 42" would work great - maybe Sharp or Samsung, they make quality sets.