April 15, 2009

Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

The Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series is a podcast series of lecturers from the Stanford School of Business. The speakers present on not only software , but bio-science, medical and social entrepreneurship as well. The speakers definitely know their stuff; past speakers include Tony Perkins, Martin Eberhard, and Steve Young (to name a few). The talks are always entertaining and run about an hour apiece. Check out the screen shot of their homepage below (there was no embeddable player):

These talks are great - I listened to them all summer (on my Zune of course). It's great to hear the stories and all the advice these guys (and gals) have to offer. If you're into podcasts (if you're not, they are a great resource), I would suggest you check out these talks. Also, if anyone is familiar with this series, post a comment and let me know what you think.


  1. I'm searching for one of theirs I found this summer that was awesome.

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  3. I have yet to listen to that one - I'll have to check it out. My favorite was by Brett Crosby from Urchin Software (now Google Analytics) - you should definitely check him out.

    His lecture.His picture is pretty epic. Also, the talk was great.