April 9, 2010

Crush It - Keeping It Real

Chapter 7 of Crush It stood out to me as being a very meaningful chapter. Hence the chapter name, "keep it real ... very real." This is the gut check chapter of the book. I would wager that people reading this book would be completely optimistic to quit their jobs and start making their living online - until this chapter.

Gary bursts everyone's bubble that Crushing It will not be a half-time, pajama type job. To accomplish any kind of success through the methods mentioned in the book, your new boss (yourself) has to be a slave driver. That is what differentiates yourself from the rest of the competition. That is why there is not 1000s of Gary Vaynerchuks running around.

He mentions a specific point in the chapter that I can relate to - Investing in the important stuff. He gave a great example of investing in the important stuff with the scenario of someone asking him what kind of equipment he uses to record his videos? His response - "Does this really matter?" Why would someone even worry about that.

It is like learning to golf. $1200 clubs are not required for a novice golfer. A novice golfer cannot feel the difference between those and a $200 set. Grab the $200 dollar set and get to work. When a golfer can make the ball sit, stay, rollover, and play dead with the $200 dollar set, then it might be time to upgrade the gear.

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