April 28, 2010

Ignite Lincoln - April 29th, 2010

Ignite Lincoln is the inaugural Nebraska Ignite event being held in Lincoln on Thursday night. An Ignite event is a series of 5 minutes talks from people with a wide range of backgrounds and topics. Each talk is structured exactly the same. The speaker has five minutes and 20 slides. The slides auto-advance every 15 seconds. Organizers of the event in Lincoln will have the event biyearly.

Nate (@natelowry) and myself will be speaking in the event this year. Also speaking are Tom Casady, Jay Wilkinson and Mark Kornbluh to name a few. There are 16 speakers, all of which have very different topics which promise to be intriguing.

I will be speaking about cooking and the unique role that it plays in my life. Even though I am not a professional chef, I am deeply passionate about cooking. I uploaded my slides to SlideShare but there is little content on them. They are mostly pictures, but they will help me stay on track during the talk.
If you are free on Thursday night (and in Lincoln) check out Ignite Lincoln. Don't boo me too hard, because I am not used to getting heckled during presentations.

Check out Ignite Lincoln for more information about the free tickets - http://ignitelincoln.org/tickets.php.

Also, remember to checkout the site after Thursday night. I am sure that video will be uploaded after the event.

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