April 28, 2010

Weekly Meal Planning

Meal planning takes making a grocery list one step further. Planning out every meal of the week saves a bunch of time at the grocery store. It also keeps food costs down, and motivates one to think about what is going on the rest of the week.

Brett (@belahm) invested in some meal planning stationary (its from Lobotome). I was skeptical at first, but I now think it is very beneficial to plan out each meal and buy only what is needed from the store. The meal sheet for this week is shown below:

I have the same thing everyday for breakfast and lunch, so there is no need to plan those. Each night, write what is for dinner on the left and the required ingredients on the right. It only takes a few minutes each week, and saves a bunch of frustration when trying to figure out what to cook.

Check out all of Lobotome's stationary, it's pretty cool - http://www.lobotome.com/pages/notepads.html

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