April 7, 2010


Brett (@belahm) created the DonateLincoln! guidebook for non-profit organizations in the Lincoln and Lancaster County area. It is meant to make the process of selection and donating to a local charitable organization easier.

Check out DonateLincoln! to download an electronic copy of the guidebook.

We had originally planned to have a full organization listing on the DonateLincoln! website, but we needed to get something out there this week. In the future, we will be adding:
  • A complete listing with links to organization websites
  • Social features to allow for commenting on organizations
  • Facebook tie-ins to share comments with Facebook friends
You can request a hard copy of the guidebook by e-mailing donatelincoln@gmail.com. Gorgeous full color printing was provided by Jacob North Printing - check out their newly redesigned website, it is definitely worth the trip.

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