April 5, 2010

Work a Booth like a Pro

Kyle Deterding (@deterding) dropped by the house last week to film a very short video on how to work a booth at a trade show. This video is meant to be as brief as possible, and provide a lead in to a discussion about working a booth at a trade show. The four principles that Kyle details in the video are:
  • Stand in front of your booth - Standing behind a booth can be intimidating.
  • Never leave your booth unattended - If you are at the show, you better be working the booth.
  • Read people - Tailor what you are saying to your audience.
  • Build a crowd - People are more likely to approach a booth if someone else is there.

This is not a very comprehensive or informative list, but it does get you thinking about working a booth. On top of what Kyle mentions in the video, I would make the general suggestion to stay calm and speak slowly.

Please pardon the poor video production quality - last week was a long one.

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